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H2bidManaging water and wastewater systems is a massive responsibility that generates numerous contract opportunities worth millions of dollars. From the supply of potable water to construction of treatment plants, from laying pipelines and sewer lines to supplying water meters, there are abundant opportunities for companies providing goods and services in the water utility industry. H2bid.com is the only online market dedicated to water and Wastewater Treatment Bids and tenders. If you are engaged in providing services in the water utilities sector, H2bid.com is the place to go.

Business opportunities for water utility vendors

H2bid.com is a website where vendors and contractors can find business opportunities related to water and wastewater infrastructure management. All projects and contracts related to water and wastewater utilities are posted on the site from all over the United States, Canada, and increasingly other countries as well. These bids and tenders become available to vendors as soon as they are posted on the website, giving them the chance to expand their business and find contracts in new areas.

Water utilities post tenders for free

By posting tenders at H2bid.com, water utilities are provided with more visibility for their projects at the national level. This in turn attracts service providers from all over the country resulting in a more competitive contracting process that reduces the cost for water utility systems. Water and wastewater utilities can post their Water utility tenders free of cost at H2bid.com.

A modern water utility exchange

H2bid.com is an online exchange for water and waste water procurement. It is a universally accessible worldwide marketplace where buyers, namely water utilities, and sellers (vendors) can interact for a mutually beneficial business reason. While there are plenty of online exchanges for other products, H2bid.com is the only online marketplace focusing on the water and wastewater sector. Vendors and water utilities from all over the world can find each other easily just by going to H2bid.com.

Since its inception in 2006, H2bid.com has provided over two hundred thousand water and wastewater project bids to vendors. Over the years bids have been posted for various large and small projects including desalination plants, infrastructure projects, instrument testing, purchasing water meters and pipes, constructing water treatment plants, filtration plants, contracts for services, etc. Thousands of vendors and service providers in the water sector have found work opportunities by simply searching the H2bid.com website.

Water utilities and vendors can use H2bid.com’s centralized database to also locate contract awards and bidders’ lists both locally and internationally. While posting of bids and tenders is free for water utilities, vendors can access bid information by becoming a Premium Member of the site. Premium Members have information access to all of the water utility bids and tenders as soon as they are posted on the website. H2bid.com is the only, efficient online market for water and wastewater related bids and industry information.


H2bid Offers Easy Access to Water Meter Bids and Other Water Utility Bids

Water Meter BidsVendors and service providers related to the water utility and wastewater utility industry find H2bid.com very useful. It is a website that offers easy access to water utility bids and tenders not only from the U.S.A., but also from all over the world. As an efficient online marketplace, H2bid.com provides all information related to bids and tenders for the water and wastewater industry in a centralized location.

Water utilities are constantly searching for vendors for water-related projects. However, their vendor list might be limited to a few local companies in the water utility sector. H2bid.com allows water utilities to post their projects for free on the website which can be viewed by contractors from around the country. Water utilities benefit because more bidders quoting means more competitive prices, more solutions, and a greater likelihood of finding a suitable vendor for the project. In short, using H2bid.com allows water utilities to widen their vendor list and complete the work in a more cost effective manner.

H2bid.com was founded with the aim of providing a global marketplace for water utility companies and vendors. The website has various categories of bids and tenders ranging from water treatment plants to reverse osmosis projects to Water Meter Bids. For example, if you are a vendor dealing in water meters and related services, there are more than twenty five projects from various American states currently posted in the water meter bid category at H2bid.com. The bid and tenders include contract opportunities to supply cold water meters, replace existing water meters, set up a water meter infrastructure, install valve assemblies, supply water metering equipment, etc.

As a vendor in the water and wastewater industry, you have an easy and accessible means for water meter bids and other Water Utility Bids at H2bid.com. You can search for contract opportunities in areas you specialize in and you can save the projects in personal bid folders to refer later. As a vendor, you can purchase a Premium Membership to H2bid.com by paying an annual subscription.

H2bid.com provides bid information to vendors in the form of e-mail alerts of new bids posted on the site, RSS feeds of the projects posted on the site, and e-newsletters to subscribers. H2bid.com also has a blog that not only provides water industry news, company announcements, and articles analyzing global water issues, but also a forum for discussing policy issues related to the water industry sector.

H2bid.com has made it extremely easy for vendors and contractors serving the water and wastewater industry to find contract opportunities locally, nationally, and soon internationally. Water utilities also benefit as they have easy access to a national database of vendors to compete for water infrastructure-related projects.

Online Exchange for Water and Wastewater Contract Opportunities

Water and Wastewater Contract

Water and wastewater utilities are a major industry that provides work for numerous businesses. Water utility companies post a variety of projects requesting products and services related to the treatment of water and sewerage running into billions of dollars. Thousands of contract opportunities are also offered by government entities in water utilities business. H2bid.com is the leading source for water and wastewater contract opportunities. The site has a complete list of all bids and tenders that are put up by any government water utility facility within the United States as well as in Canada.

While the common belief is that, any government contract is the domain of large companies and business houses, the fact is numerous small companies also win government contracts regularly. This is especially true for water and wastewater contract opportunities. There is a wide variety of work available in this busy industrial sector and not all of it involves large jobs like erection of water treatment or sewerage treatment plants. Smaller contract opportunities are also present, like laying water pipes, supplying water pipes and water meters, supplying manhole covers, installation of pumps, etc. Bidding for smaller water utility contracts like these is a major source of income for small businesses and this is made possible by H2bid.com.

H2bid.com enables water and wastewater utilities to post their job opportunities on the website. For water utility companies, this facility comes free of charge. Vendors looking for water utility contracts can surf the site and find suitable bids in line with the services they provide. In some instances, where the water utility company has opted for e-bidding, vendors can place their bids online. However, vendors looking for water utility contract opportunities must register at H2bid.com to avail of this facility. They can also register for e-mail alerts of latest water and WasteWater Utilties Contracts opportunities.

All information pertaining to the bids posted at H2bid.com is available to the vendor. They can check out the posted projects, read the information and decide if they would like to bid for it. They can also save selected projects, bid on them, track open bids and check out the progress of tenders. However, all this is possible only if the vendor subscribes to membership at H2bid.com.

Water utility concerns find it extremely convenient and cost effective to post their contract projects at H2bid.com. The site offers e-bidding facility for water utility companies so that the whole process of calling for tenders is streamlined. H2bid’s e-bidding software is a useful tool that reduces time and cost of putting up a project tender.

H2bid.com is the only leading source for water and Water Utilities Opportunities posted by any water utility concern in the United States. Vendors have all the information required to bid on these projects at their fingertips, thanks to H2bid.com. Water utility companies can post projects free of cost on the website. In short, H2bid.com is an online meeting place for both parties for contract opportunities related to water and waste water management.

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