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Water Utilities RFPThe easiest way to get daily government RFPs procurement notices is by searching for them online. A general Google search for government RFPs (Request for Proposal) will no doubt show hundreds of results. However, these results are usually not targeted to a specific industry and you end up spending a lot of time searching for the relevant procurement notices that are right for your business.

But, if your business is related to the water utilities industry, you are in luck. You have a leading source for water and wastewater utility contract opportunities at connects water utilities and vendors from around the world with the aim of providing detailed information about current contract opportunities.

What are Government RFPs (Request for Proposal)?

An RFP is a document that the government entity – in this case the water utility concern – puts out to obtain bids from prospective vendors for purchase of products or services. In general, it consists of the scope of work and specifications, timelines for job completion, description of the products or services to be purchased, contractual requirements, contract type, bidder requirements, etc.

Government RFPs are advertised as public notices with an expectation of vendors’ responses by way of a proposal. Vendors interested in the job/project will respond with a detailed offer which includes a price quote and other requirements specific to the job.

How helps you get daily government Water Utilities RFP procurement notices

Water utilities from all around the world post RFPs and procurement notices almost regularly. has a huge database of all the current RFP procurement notices that have been put up by water utility concerns from all over the country. You can easily search for a project suitable to your business expertise on the website. Or you can even get daily government RFPs procurement notices through e-mail alerts by subscribing to privileged membership of the site.

Saving time and costs for Water Utilities Contracts as well as vendors

Vendors looking for government contract opportunities in the water and waste water industry can easily find a suitable project to bid within a short time. They don’t have to spend time reading adverts or checking individual websites to find jobs. has a complete listing of current Dams Construction bids.

Water utilities also manage to reduce their operational costs by posting their RFPs at This allows them to get experienced people from all over the country to complete the job at hand within their outlaid budget.

Get daily government RFPs procurement notices via email alerts simply by registering for membership at H2bid is a full service e-bidding platform. Some water utilities that have posted RFPs may also accept e-bids through, which is a good opportunity for vendors and suppliers.