Government Bids and Proposals for Water and Wastewater Utility Procurement

thIn the United States, the water and wastewater industry is managed and controlled by municipalities and local government bodies. Efficient running of water and wastewater utilities is a massive task. Government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement make it possible for government-owned water utilities to run them efficiently.

As you might have realized, the water industry is a huge source of jobs and contract opportunities. Service providers and contractors dealing with the water industry need information on government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement so that they get the business. Several kinds of jobs and works are available with the water sector. From large contracts like building of dams, desalination plants, setting up of water distribution networks to smaller services like supply of material and labor, the water industry is a buzzing with business activity worth billions of dollars.

In the past, the water utilities put up advertisements in newspapers for work tenders and interested service providers responded by placing physical bids that were sent to the concerned agencies. But the internet has made the process completely simple and streamlined. Now, government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement are placed on the entity’s website giving contractors an online access to the information.

Today, there is another resource to easily find government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement. Vendors servicing the water industry can simply visit for crucial information on Government Procurement Bids and contracts. is an online portal that is exclusively meant for the water industry. It carries not only government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement, but also tenders for large contracts such as building of dams or construction of water treatment plants, smaller jobs like supply of meters, pipes, pumps and chemicals, consultancy services, supply of labor, etc. is a website designed specifically for the water industry. The water utilities can place their tenders on the website absolutely free. They may even opt to call for bids and proposals for water and wastewater industry related procurement online through the site’s e-bidding option. Water utilities can use the tools available on the site to create a Water Treatment Tender online and also monitor the responses as they come in, online. The bidding process is thus streamlined and can be completed quickly to select the right candidates for the job.

Service providers and contractors also find it convenient to check out H2bid for work opportunities. It is a complete database of Water Desalination Online Bids in the water sector and is constantly updated with new tenders being posted. A paid membership to allows them access to the latest open government bids and proposals for water and wastewater utility procurement. They receive email alerts and all information about tenders and contracts in the water sector. They can even place bids for the tenders online through


H2bid’s Comprehensive Database for Government Water Treatment Contracts

Government Water Treatment ContractsGovernment water treatment contracts are a lucrative business opportunity for small and large firms that service this sector. Government tenders are put out for different industries including water and wastewater utilities. H2bid’s comprehensive database for government water treatment contracts deals exclusively with water utilities.

In the United States, water utilities are owned and controlled by the local government bodies and municipalities. Government bodies managing water systems find it difficult to maintain and operate the utilities by themselves due to rising costs, financial constraints and lack of competent personnel. Outsourcing the operation and maintenance of water utilities is one way to overcome these problems.

Operation and maintenance of the water utilities are generally handed out to private contractors by way of putting up tenders for these and other jobs. Large projects like setting up of water desalination projects, water distribution networks, treatment of water, sewage treatment, building of dams and other similar projects related to the water industry are also handed out to private contractors.

It is not only the large projects that are handed out through government water treatment contracts, smaller work projects are also to be had. Supply of materials, labor and services make up a major portion of bids and tenders put up by water utilities. Several Scada Contracts for supply of chemicals for water treatment, supply of pipes and fittings, pumps, water meters, etc. are regularly put up for bidding.

As you can imagine there are hundreds of contracting opportunities available for those looking to provide services to the water industry. is an online marketplace where the utility companies can put up their tenders and receive a response from vendors and suppliers. Service providers can place bids on open tenders that they are interested in.

H2bid’s comprehensive database for government Groundwater Tenders is a big help for vendors looking for contracting opportunities. They can easily find tenders to bid on without having to waste time searching for them on different websites or scanning the newspapers and magazines. Water industry related tenders are available all in one place – at H2bid’s comprehensive database.

Being an online portal, has a global presence. Water utility companies from anywhere in the United States or Canada or any place else can post their tenders at Likewise, vendors too can access information on contracting opportunities available all over the world through H2bid’s comprehensive database of bids and tenders.

Water utilities benefit from the expertise of local as well as non-local service providers since bidding is open to all. A healthy competition promotes cost effectiveness and saves valuable time which works well for their budgets. Vendors on the other hand need not restrict their services to local areas but can choose to do business in other states as well, giving them nation wide access.

All this is possible only because of H2bid’s comprehensive database for government Water Treatment Tender.

Contract Opportunities in Water and Wastewater Utilities

imagesContractors and vendors servicing the water industry have much to look forward to in terms of work / business opportunities. The water industry procures goods and services required in the operation and maintenance of water systems by way of tenders. As a result, there are plenty of contract opportunities in water and wastewater utilities available.

Finding contract opportunities in water and wastewater utilities is no small job, but thanks to, it is now just a matter of a click of the mouse. Online portals have a global reach and allow you to have a global access to any kind of information you want. is one such online portal that deals with tenders and information related to the water industry. In fact, it deals exclusively with the water industry.

Industries relying on contract and tenders for their core business have greatly benefitted from the online tendering process. Posting a tender on a website helps water utilities to streamline the process saving precious time and resources that could be freed for other purposes. Request for proposals, requests for quotes and request for information – all such processes are managed online through E-bidding is a process where interested parties can bid for the tender directly online.

Contract opportunities in water and wastewater utilities can be found at These include setting up of water distribution networks, sewage treatment, construction of water and wastewater treatment plants, building of dams and waterways, supply of labor, supply of pipes, pumps, cleaning chemicals, water meters, etc. Contract opportunities in this sector run to billions of dollars and several contractors benefit from it.

Vendors choosing to become members at by paying a small fee have a bigger advantage – they receive email alerts as soon as a contracting opportunity arises. They are notified as soon as a new Water Treatment Tender is posted at the website. Such members can also participate in e-bidding if the water utility has elected to accept bids online.

Water and wastewater utilities posting tenders and asking for Water Project Bids online can easily monitor and complete the process within a specific timeframe. Once vendors have placed a bid for a tender online, they can track the progress of their bid quite easily through the H2bid website. is an online meeting place for water utilities and service providers. So, whether yours is a large corporation providing infrastructure to the water industry or a small business dealing in supply of material and fittings, H2bid helps you find all those promising contract

H2bid’s User friendly E-bidding Services

Water Utilities Opportunities is a website that caters exclusively to the needs of the water and wastewater utility sector. It is an online marketplace where buyers, that is the water utility companies, meet sellers or vendors/service providers in the water industry. Water utility companies from around the United States, Canada as well as some other countries post bids for work projects at Vendors and service providers in the field wanting to bid for these projects visit the website to find a suitable work opportunity. H2bid’s user friendly e-bidding services make it easy for the vendors to bid on projects of their choice.

If a water utility company has decided to accept bids online, then vendors may use H2bid’s user friendly e-bidding services to place their bids. E-bidding is a cloud-based service designed especially to cater to the water industry. The software is designed so as to meet the strict requirements of the water resources sector.

Water utility companies can create bids electronically with the help of H2bid’s user friendly e-bidding services. Writing the bid specifications is not at all difficult as they can use the pre-bid forum to guide them. Bids are then posted online to the H2bid website. Once the bid goes up on the website, it can be monitored online so that the buyer can make quick decisions during the selection process.

Contractors and vendors servicing the water industry can easily find bids and Water Treatment Tender of their choice at The website has a centralized database containing the latest contracting opportunities which include large projects like construction of water treatment plants, desalination projects, building of dams, laying of pipelines for the distribution of water, setting up sewage treatment systems, etc. Smaller job tenders like supply of pipes, pumps and chemicals as well as supply of labor are also listed on the site.

Besides using H2bid’e-bidding service, vendors and service providers who subscribe to membership of the site get email alerts as soon as a tender is posted in their selected category of jobs. If interested, they can begin working on a response to the tenders they wish to bid for. The e-bidding service allows them to deal directly with the water utility concerned.

E-bidding services on have streamlined the tendering process saving time and money for both, the utility companies as well as the contractors. The Water Desalination Tenders process is completed within a specific time frame. H2bid’s user friendly e-bidding services allow the buyer to monitor the bidding as it happens online thus helping him make a selection easily. is the only portal that deals exclusively with the water industry. It is a useful resource providing information related to the water sector along with news articles and analysis of water issues from around the world. H2bid’s user friendly e-bidding services allow the members global access to Water Utilities Opportunities in the water and wastewater management industry.

Extensive Listings of Water and Sewer Utilities Bids and RFP Opportunities

Sewer Utilities BidsWater and sewage management in the United States is a million dollar industry under control of the federal or state government. If you take up government contracts, there is a lot of work and of course, your business prospers. However, government bidding process is decentralized and often you have to be on the concerned government agency’s bidding list to get to know of bids or RFP opportunities. But, if you are in the water utilities industry and want to efficiently increase your sales and business you can find extensive listings of water and sewer utilities bids and RFP opportunities at

As a vendor, you might spend a lot of time trying to find bids and RFP opportunities that are posted on various different sites; tracking the best water and sewer utilities bids can indeed be a massive task. However, with the water utility companies following the modern approach of e-procurement of services, the task is somewhat easier for the vendor. has made the vendor’s task even easier by compiling extensive listings of water and sewer utilities bids and RFP opportunities at one place. focuses exclusively on the water and sewer utility sector; all the information pertaining to water and wastewater bids, requests for qualification, request for proposal, requests for information, etc. is easily available in one place. In short, H2bid is a complete database on water and wastewater utility projects that are open for bidding. The H2bid website is extremely user friendly and provides access to extensive listings of water and sewer utilities bids and RFP opportunities.

Water utility companies – whether it is a private or government agency – can post bids and RFP opportunities on the website. Posting of bids is free for the Water Utilities RFP companies. Online bidding facilities are available at H2bid and vendors who have a premium membership at the site can also opt for the online bidding process and thus save a lot of time.

The water and wastewater industry as we know is huge and there exist thousands of opportunities for work contracts. These include jobs like construction of water treatment plants or dam construction or setting up of sewage treatment plants which are large contracts meant for big business houses. But the industry also requires services like laying of pipelines, setting up of drainage systems, desalination of water, installation and supply of water pumps, supplying of meters, manhole covers, pipes, water tanks and ancillary material. These present work opportunities for small vendors and businesses.

No matter what the type of job is, if it is related to the water utility sector, you are bound to find extensive listings of water and Water utility bids and RFP opportunities at Using the proper keyword, you can search for the utility bid of your choice, very easily.

Economic Stimulus Money for Water Projects

Water ProjectsIn the United States, some regions face continual issues in relation to water use and management. Water related problems are compounded as a result of droughts in places like California while shortfalls in budgetary allocations limit what the State Government can do to alleviate these problems.

Federal Aid in the form of Economic Stimulus Money for Water Projects

For areas facing long term water challenges, relief under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 comes in the form of federal economic stimulus money being provided for projects involving the supply of clean and reliable drinking water and improving of waste water treatment Procurement bids plants around the nation. The US government’s aim in providing economic stimulus money is to fund clean water projects while also creating new jobs that will help revive the economy.

Water Projects Eligible for Economic Stimulus Money

Water Pipeline tender projects to upgrade or expand sewer infrastructure and waste water treatment plants, restoring the existing waterways to improve water quality and projects that use innovative methods to recycle and utilize water, all receive economic stimulus money.

Small communities often face problems with water systems in the form of small waste water treatment plants that may be unable to provide the required services effectively. Federal funding or economic stimulus money is also made available to such communities that face water related issues.

Rural water projects also get federal funding so that rural communities have access to quality water supply systems and waste water treatment plants.

Economic stimulus money for water projects has assisted in setting up wastewater treatment systems, water recycling facilities, storm water treatment, sewers and sewer interceptors and given a boost to watershed and estuary protection efforts.

Screening Process for Economic Stimulus Money

To be eligible for economic stimulus money the applicant must undertake a financial credit review. Water Construction projects desirous of federal funding must abide by Public Contracting Code. The recipients of economic stimulus money must possess the technical capability to complete the project within the stipulated time. In addition, they must also have the financial as well as managerial experience to make wise decisions to ensure financial viability of the project.

The applications for economic stimulus money go through a screening process wherein the Water Board’s engineering staff evaluates the project plans. Project specifications and designs are reviewed to ensure that the design is able to achieve the project goal. Throughout the construction phase, the recipients of funding must submit progress reports each quarter.

Reimbursement of costs and requests for payment must be supported by invoices that are verified by the project manager in order to ensure that the costs claimed are indeed meant for the wastewater treatment project approved for economic stimulus money. Also, spot inspections are carried out by the Board’s officials to verify the progress of construction.

Going forward

President Obama’s economic stimulus package has given a major boost to Wastewater projects. Although a lot more funding is required, it is a step in the right direction to safeguard and improve the country’s water infrastructure.

Water Utilities-Why Revenues Decrease while Costs Increase

Wastewater treatmentThe surprising truth about utility services is that they are not immune to economic downturns. Governments may do their best at limiting cost increases in providing utilities but the bottom line is that revenues have been on the decline.

A number of reasons have caused this situation, the main one being a fall in the demand for water and Wastewater treatment.

Usage of a water system creates a demand for the water itself as well as a demand for the Wastewater Treatment Bids of wastewater after it is utilized. In the years prior to the recession, there was a huge demand for water from heavy industries sector as well as the domestic sector and water utilities responded by setting up large water distribution facilities and wastewater treatment plants.

The unexpected fall in demand led huge processing capacities to remain unutilized or underutilized. The maintenance costs however did not come down. On the one hand, while the revenues earned by water utilities decreased, the costs of maintenance remained fixed, eating into their profit margins.

Closure of Heavy Industries Impacts Demand for Water

Food processing industries, metal processing plants, assembly units as well as other manufacturing units are the biggest consumers of water systems. Water is also the main component for water jet cutting, washing, heating and cooling processes in most of these factories.

With several key industries facing economic downturns, some have scaled down production while some have temporarily or permanently shut shop. In both cases, end result was a drop in demand for water systems. Even though the demand reduced, the state-of-the-art water treatment and distribution facilities had to be maintained at fixed operating costs while the Water treatment contracts revenues decreased.

Impact of Water Conservation in the Domestic Sector

Loss of jobs and reduced income sources forced the domestic water consumer to make all efforts to keep their water bills down. People cut down on water usage by avoiding watering lawns, gardens and in any other way they could. Cars were washed once in two weeks instead of every third day. All this led to a reduced demand and consequently less income for Water utilities bids, their operating costs continued to remain fixed, decreasing their revenues.

Building and Construction Industry

The construction and real estate boom before the recession saw an increase in demand for water in the form of new water and sewer lines thus increasing Water utility bids revenues. When the recession set in, new construction projects came to a standstill drying up the income for water companies. Again, the cost of running the facilities remained the same while the income declined, creating a situation of decreasing revenues and increasing costs for the water utility companies.

Planning for the Future

In these difficult times, water utilities made all efforts to cut down their costs; lay offs were common as a cost cutting measure. Most of the water utility companies tried all means to reduce their operating costs. Clearly, these measures did little to help stall the problem – the recession taking its toll in a big way.

Very soon, the economy may revive resolving the issue of decreasing revenues and increasing costs for water utilities. However, in an attempt to secure the future, water utility companies must find the means to manage their business in a better way by identifying weak spots and plugging them in an effort balance their finances. Although this may not be a foolproof method to take care of the situation, it will certainly help them weather any future storms on the economic scenario.